Expert Advice

At AerHaus, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with expert advice on the latest ventilation solutions the industry has to offer. Our Key Account Management team have managed a significant number of multifaceted, new and retrofit commercial and residential ventilation projects throughout Ireland and the UK. As such, we are expertly positioned to advise you on the unique requirements of our unique climactic conditions. We ensure our knowledge of the various systems and solutions we provide is second to none through continual investment in our own learning and in our relationships with Europe’s leading manufacturers of ventilation and heat recovery solutions.

The professional engineering and architectural clients who work with us on a continual basis do so because they trust the advice they receive from AerHaus is 100% impartial and focuses on delivering the optimal solution to the end user. Your AerHaus Key Account Manager will work with you from initial contact through to project completion guaranteeing consistent, end to end support. For more complex projects, we will conduct pre-installation on site visits. AerHaus also offers dedicated after sales support and maintenance services.

Fast Centralised Access
to the Information You Need

We thoroughly understand the construction sector and the pressures associated with winning business and in turn completing a project on time, on spec and within budget. As such we aim to arm you with the resources you require to make timely and informed decisions. The information your dedicated Key Account Manages can provide includes:

  • Detailed specifications
  • Itemised quotations
  • Line drawings
  • Comprehensive schedule of works
  • Ancillary certifications
  • Building regulation documentation

Our new website’s case study and resources section also provides a library of relevant videos and downloads enabling you to source the information you require at your convenience.

Upskill and Gain CPD Points

Our focus on education and continuous improvement extends beyond our internal team to yours. We run a regular series of formal and informal training courses throughout Ireland and the UK. We can also facilitate delivering courses on your premises. AerHaus training courses aim to educate engineers and architects on the core principles of ventilation and heat recovery as well as the latest technological developments enabling you to better advise your clients on the optimal solution for them. CPD points are available for attendance at AerHaus training courses.

To view upcoming courses
or to register your interest in attending a course in the future

Access to Multiple Premium Ventilation Suppliers and High-Quality Samples

AerHaus offers architects and engineers access to a wide range of cutting edge ventilation and heat recovery systems avoiding the need for you to liaise with multiple suppliers and distributers. We aim to equip you with tried and tested solutions which will result in efficient, warm, secure and mould free finished projects. Premium quality products are at the heart of everything we do. We provide a guarantee with each solution purchased and work only with Europe’s leading manufacturers of:

  • Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Centralized and De-centralised Demand Control Extract Ventilation
  • Duct Systems
  • Fans & Controls

The AerHaus innovation team continually searches the market to ensure we are providing our clients with the latest technological developments the global ventilation industry has to offer. We are also pleased to provide our commercial clients with high quality samples.

Ventilation in Line With Design

At AerHaus, we understand the aesthetics of the completed property plays a leading role in the client’s satisfaction levels with the overall project. We work alongside architects, preferably from very early stages in the design process to ensure the selected ventilation system works in harmony with the planned aesthetics. In retrofit projects or where the build has already been completed we will always endeavour to recommend a solution which has no negative impact on the visual appeal of the property and maintains the integrity of the original design.

Mechanic Heat Recovery
Ventilation Systems
Demand Controlled
Ventilation Systems
Semi-Rigid, Manifold Based
Duct Systems
Smart Bathroom Fans,
Single Room Heat Recovery Fans
Control light entry, deliver ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence, provide screening, or a combination of all of these
Window vents enable air to trickle into your property at a reasonable rate avoiding cold draughts and compromised security
Extensive range of outdoor products, including louvred roofs, folding roofs and terrace covers

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