Because Air Matters

We spend a considerable portion of our day indoors so it is important to get indoor air quality right.

The modern home has become increasingly energy conscious. In order to save energy we have blocked chimneys, insulated, draught proofed, triple glazed and progressively sealed our homes from an essential supply of fresh air.

This may save energy and make our homes more comfortable, however we pay the penalty by living in and breathing in this stale, contaminated, humid air.

Indoor air pollution consists of:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) created from the use of aerosols and formaldehydes found in furniture and carpets.
  • Carbon monoxide from smoking, heating and cooking appliances
  • Humidity which is created from living our daily lives of cooking, showering, washing and ironing.
  • Toxic mould spores found in household dust.
  • Odours from cooking and household pets.
  • Allergens from house dust mites.
  • Carbon dioxide from household appliances and people.
  • Hazardous carcinogenic chemicals from bleach, cleaning products and fabric softener.

The solution is Heat Recovery Ventilation. This is a system that extracts the stale, humid air from the house and replaces it with clean fresh air. This fresh air is tempered by the energy recovered from the stale air.

1 – Air Quality

  • Continuous supply of fresh air to provide good indoor air quality
  • No drastic CO2 peaks
  • No buildup of air pollution, e.g. from carpets and furniture or radioactive radon
  • Elimination of bad odours
  • Filtered air: pollen filtration are a great advantage for allergic people
  • Keeps the midgies out of the house

2 – Humidity Control

  • Preservation of the building fabric through steady ventilation
  • Keeps mould, fungus, dust mites in check
  • Active dehumidification in the cold season.

3 – Comfort

  • Less noise inside (windows can remain closed); undisturbed sleep
  • No drafts (in conjunction with an airtight building fabric)
  • Excellent indoor climate

4 – Energy Saving

  • Approximately 30% of the heating energy can be saved in air tight buildings with highly efficient MVHR systems compared to naturally (uncontrolled) ventilated buildings.

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