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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is an energy efficient ventilation and heating solution suitable for both new and retrofit properties.

MVHR systems perform three main functions. It supply’s fresh filtered air to the living areas such as bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms etc. while also extracting the humid, stale from wet room such as the kitchen, utility and bathrooms. Before exhausting this stale air, it extracts the heat from it. After all you have already spent money heating it. This heat is then transferred to the fresh air and distributed throughout the house.

Benefits of MVHR Systems

  • Ensures excellent indoor air quality
  • Protects against mould & condensation issues within the property
  • Recovers up to 98% of heat typically lost with passive systems
  • Clinically proven to help sufferers of asthma and other respiratory problems
  • No trickle vents or bathroom fans required
  • Allow occupant to ventilate property securely without having to open doors or windows
  • Quiet and draught free
  • Removes unwanted cooking smells and other odours
  • Helps prevent build-up of potentially lethal radon gas
  • MVHR systems are environmentally friendly and are a recommended in Part F of Irish TGD

Features to look for in MVHR systems

The standard of modern MVHR system is extremely high. The features of the high performing MVHR systems recommended by AerHaus including:

  • Greater than 90% efficiency
  • High Efficiency EC Fans
  • Counter Flow Polystyrene Heat Exchangers
  • Automatic Summer Bypass
  • Built in Humidity Detection
  • Frost Protection
  • Digital Controller
  • Extended Warranty

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