Aldes Bahia Compact MW


The Aldes Bahia Compact MW is applied to:

  • General and permanent ventilation of the dwelling.
  • Air renewal control with an energy-saving system.
  • System comprising:
    • a ventilation unit with pressure-adjustable motor
    • a network of ducts
    • self-balanced (BAP’SI system) or humidity-controlled (BAHIA Curve) ventilation grilles
    • air inlets adapted to the grilles



  • Unit made of recyclable plastic material:
    • 1 x Ø 125mm detachable connection,
    • 4 x Ø 80mm detachable connections,
    • Ø 125mm air exhaust,
    • Pre-mounted silent-blocks,
    • Fixing screws supplied.
  • Patented acoustic double-skin architecture
  • Fan dissociated from casing with silent blocks to minimise transfer of vibration
  • Controllable EC motor with electronic pressure regulation
  • Speed control from 1 to 7 fan speeds within 7 pressure levels available
  • Delivered with:
    • 4 Easy-clip fixing collars Ø 80mm
    • 1 Easy-clip fixing collar Ø 125m
    • 4 plugs Ø 80mm
  • Ultra flat < 19 cm
  • Very low power consumption
  • Low sound power