Aldes Bahia Curve Valves

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The Aldes Bahia Curve Valves, when in a humidity-controlled forced mechanical ventilation system, adjusts the airflow automatically depending on the humidity levels in the rooms and, therefore, depending on the true ventilation needs of the building. The exhaust grilles are installed in the wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom/shower/WC).


  • Small model of humidity-controlled grille for airflows < 50m3/hr.
  • Boost airflow control.
  • Innovative design without grille.
  • Versions and accessories used to cater for all installation needs.
  • Easier maintenance: the regulation unit can be clipped and unclipped easily.
  • Pressure range: 80-160 Pa.
  • Airflow tolerances: see Technical approval.


  • Easy to install.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Roll-in seal .


  • Humidity-controlled exhaust grille operating according to humidity level.
  • Pressure range: 80-160 Pa.
  • Versions and accessories to meet all installation requirements.
  • Control sub-assembly easy to attach/detach with clip fasteners for easy maintenance.
  • Different boost airflow control methods:
    • IR activated by infra-red remote control (supplied)
    • PRES automatically activated according to room occupancy
    • PUSH activated manually with a push button (ordered separately)
    • CORD activated manually with a pull-cord
  • Versions shaft:
    • With Ø 125 mm shaft (Roll-in seal)
    • With Ø 80 mm shaft
  • Versions without shaft.