Naber Cookerhood Duct Range

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Flow Star GTS 125/150

The Flow Star wall conducts enables the combination of good flow performance, Prefect seal of the wall joint with “Blower Door” certificate and price-winning External Appearance. The functional principle of Flow Star uses the pressure of the air stream created during hood operation, Combined with mechanically controlled spring and magnetic force when opening and closing the wall conduct. With the hood switched off the front plate closes flush with the outside wall. With its modern, Flush exterior appearance, Flow-star meets the expectations of Modern Kitchen planning and architecture.

  • Rust Free and high class stainless steel cover
  • Multiple awards for design and function
  • No other power supplies are necessary
  • Optimal heat isolation when closed
  • Fail Save against freezing, Strong Winds , Driving rain and dirt
  • Appropriate for energy efficient of house.
  • Suitable for 125mm and 150mm Systems

Thermobox 125/150

Intelligent Kitchen exhaust solutions now play a key role in improving your indoor climate. Odour and fat particles, But also moisture have to be dissipated to the outside air while at the same time the core hole created for an exhaust system have to be energetically sealed. Thermobox maximises the efficiency of an exhaust hood and prevents flow and heat losses when not in operation though the shutterTec retention System.

  • Up to 20 times less heat loss (compared to standard back-flow traps)
  • Magnetic opening and closing
  • Opens fully even at low flow rates
  • No vibrations , No rattling noises
  • Efficient thermal insulation of the exhaust opening.
  • Suitable for 125mm and 150mm Systems