Aerauliqa Quantum HR Fan

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The Aerauliqa Quantum HR Fan is a decentralised heat recovery unit with alternate single flow.


The Quantum HR ventilation units are at the heart of the system illustrated nearby: when installed in the “noble rooms”, like living room or bedroom, they provide a continuous and balanced air exchange, having opposite and synchronised air flows which alternate about every 70 seconds.


Quantum HR makes the difference:

  1. On the energy bill: the lowest energy consumption at the minimum speed, from 1.2W.
  2. On the heating bill: up to 90% heat recovery during winter time.
  3. On the time of installation: 4 times quicker than a centralised ventilation system.
  4. For the building energy certification: reduction of the primary energy value for air exchange during winter time.
  5. For our health: definitive solution in case of indoor moisture and condensation as well as to reduce the pollutant levels.


The unit has been designed, engineered and manufactured with a special attention to its installation and maintenance
with the purpose of optimizing the activities both of the installer and of the tenant.