Aerauliqa QR350 MVHR unit

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Whole-house heat recovery unit, suitable for vertical mounting.



Whole-house heat recovery unit, suitable for vertical mounting.


  • Outer fan casing manufactured from powder coated galvanised sheet steel providing long lasting and robust construction. The unit is finished in white RAL 9010.
  • Internal structure manufactured from EPP (expanded polypropylene) providing reduced sound emissions and maximised air tightness and thermal insulation.
  • EC external rotor motors fitted as standard for energy saving. Provided with integral thermal protection, mounted on sealed for life ball bearings.
  • Backward curved centrifugal impeller dynamically balanced and directly driven by the motor to provide a smooth airflow through the unit.
  • Highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger to maximise thermal recovery. Thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger upto 90% (test method in conformity with the norm EN308.)

Features and Benefits

  • Ease of installation: fixing brackets supplied to hang the unit easily on the wall.
  • Heat exchange of the unit up to 90% efficiency.
  • Quick access to filters and heat exchanger for maintenance. QR350 is equipped with an external sheet metal cover, finished in white RAL9010.
  • G4 filters, removable for cleaning.
  • Integrated bypass for free cooling; manual, automatic.
  • Automatic anti-frost protection to prevent frost building up on the intake side of the heat exchanger.
  • Two drainage holes to meet climate requirement.

How it Works

Aerauliqa QR350 MVHR unit is a continuous running heat recovery unit transfers heat from humid air extracted from wet rooms to warm incoming fresh air which is ducted to habitable rooms. Thanks to the easy-to-fit air distribution system each single ambient can be properly ventilate: the boost function enables rapid extract of increased moisture or pollutant levels. It also provides discrete installation and very quite operation.

Indoor Air Quality

A correctly specified mechanical ventilation system can ensure the quality of the indoor air is constantly maintained for the health and well-being of the occupants as well as of the building. Duly maintained filters ensure that incoming air is suitably filtered of dust and pollen before if enters the home.

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