Aldes InspirAir

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Aldes InspirAir is a  centralised air purification system for houses and apartments, InspirAIR® Home helps to free the incoming air from fine particles, pollutants and allergens and renew indoor air so that everyone can benefit from healthy air.


Healthy Living

Because the indoor air is up to 8 times more polluted than the outdoor air… Because 25% of the population suffers from pollution-related allergies… Because we spend 90% of our time in confined spaces… Because a child inhales twice as much pollution as an adult…

Aldes has created InspirAIR® Home to guarantee a healthier life for everyone. InspirAIR® Home purifies the air and frees it from its pollutants, bacteria and allergens to improve the quality of life for all the occupants of houses and apartments.

Specially designed to fit discretely into every household, InspirAIR® Home is also a connected ventilation solution. You can monitor and adjust the quality of the air you breathe from your Smartphone.


  • Cleaner Air – Fitted with the new Aldes filtration system, 99% of bacteria, pollen and fine particles are removed from your air.
  • More Control – When connected to your smart phone you can monitor and adjust the indoor air quality via the AldesConnect application.
  • More Design – With its pure, minimalist lines, the quality of its steel finishes and its brightly- and warmly-coloured heart,InspirAIR Home has been designed to integrate with the most demanding interiors.
  • More Comfort – InspirAIR® Home has been developed to temper your indoor air by cooling it in summer and preheating it in winter whilst isolating you from outdoor sound nuisances.

Technical Characteristics

  • AldesConnect™ : The first Aldes application allowing you to monitor and adjust your indoor air quality directly from your Smartphone.
  • Real time monitoring of your indoor air quality thanks to the CO2 sensor.
  • Notifications to tell you the clogging level of your filter and the need to change it.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly monitoring of changes in your indoor air quality.
  • Simple, intuitive programming, hour by hour, on a daily basis.
  • 4 programming modes (Holidays, Daily, Cooking, Guests) to adapt the air purification to the rhythm of your life.