Renson Endura Delta 330

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The Endura® Delta is a demand controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. With the help of ventilators, the second property is the one hand, supplied with fresh outdoor air, and on the other hand, the polluted indoor air discharged to the outside.

The Endura® Delta is operated via the Endura® Delta app (available for Android, Ios and windows). The Endura® Delta app allows the user to easily adjust the ventilation level programmed ventilation level refer to your life pattern, data on the operation of your system, configure the device, …


Endura® Delta

The Endura Delta is a demand-controlled heat recovery unit. The system provides the house with fresh air and removes polluted indoor air using two fans. Upto 89% of the heat from the extracted air is transferred onto the supply air via the integrated heat exchanger. The system can easily be controlled and programmed by means of the Endura® Delta app. The app also provides information about the way the system is functioning and the air quality in your home.

The appliance is available in a left and right configuration and with either 4 top connections (T4) or 2 top connections and 2 bottom connections (T2/B2). In addition to the standard integrated frost protection, each model can be equipped with an optional pre-heating element for added security against freezing of the heat exchanger.

Heat recovery

The Endura Delta generates 2 air flows in your home: supply of fresh air in the dry rooms (living room, study, bedrooms) and the extraction of polluted air out of the wet rooms (bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, toilet). The extracted air has the same temperature as the indoor ambient temperature, whereas the supply air has the same temperature as the outside air.

The air flows ‘cross’ in the heat exchanger, and some of the heat of the extracted air is transmitted onto the supply air. This way you will experience a maximum of comfort in your home.

Fresh air on demand

The Endura Delta is equipped with dynamic sensors that continuously monitor the extracted air for CO2, humidity and/or harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). On the basis of these measurements, the Endura Delta will adapt the ventilation rate to your living pattern, thus creating a smart and energy-saving form of ventilation.

Endura® Delta App

As an innovative ventilation specialist, RENSON has set itself the objective to transform every home into a healthy and comfortable living environment. The Endura Delta – a demand-controlled ventilation system with integrated heat exchanger – can be controlled by smartphone or tablet. The app also provides information about the functioning of the system and the air quality in your home.

The Endura Delta app allows you to:

  • Control the system by quickly and intuitively navigating through the various menus
  • Check the status of the ventilation system. The app offers you feedback on the total air flow, the relative humidity level, the indoor air quality, the inside and outside temperature and the filter status.
  • Set timers that allow you to make temporary changes to the current ventilation program
  • Configure the unit (installer)
  • Fill in a measurement report and register the unit (installer)

Ventilation is made easy by the Endura Delta app!