Zehnder Comfo 550 MVHR unit

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The Zehnder ComfoAir 550 heat recovery ventilation system is highly suited to new build residential or light commercial projects.

The CA550 works around the clock extracting air from wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) and combining maximum comfort with simple operation and high efficiency. It extracts the heat energy which would otherwise have been lost during the extract process and transfers this to the fresh, filtered supply air which is drawn in from the outside. This is done using efficient counter-flow heat exchangers which can recover up to 95% of heat that would otherwise have been exhausted into the atmosphere.


Unique benefits – why choose the ComfoAir 550?

  • High specification PCB featuring 4 x 10v inputs for greater control
  • Input available for the connection of a post-heater which can be controlled without the need for a separate thermostat
  • Can be mounted either on the wall or free-standing on the optional assembly base
  • Suitable for use with the optional ComfoFond-L Eco sub-soil heat exchanger or ComfoCool custom designed cooling unit
  • The ComfoAir 550 has been certified as an official Passive House component by the Passivhaus Institute

Heat recovery is a system – the unit and the ducting – and it is the combination of these two elements that deliver ventilation into the home.
Ducting is just as important as the unit itself due to its impact on:

  • Long term provision of indoor air quality
  • Efficiency and airflow performance
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Noise transfer around the home
  • Occupant comfort and health

Key features

  • Designed specifically for large residential dwellings up to 210m2 (2010 Building Regulations)
  • Comfort ventilation up to 550m3/h at 200 Pa
  • Heat recovery efficiency of up to 95%
  • Low energy consumption thanks to EC motors
  • Automatic 100% filtered summer bypass

Why choose Zehnder Comfosystems?

Zehnder understands the requirements of high performance buildings and offers a full range of solutions to ensure the perfect indoor climate. Some of the key benefits of choosing Zehnder as your solution partner are:

  • A full range of whole house heat recovery ventilation units
  • Products that are independently tested and approved
  • A range that covers all property sizes from smart, urban apartments to large, luxury dwellings
  • ComfoAir MVHR units that meet stringent Passive House standards
  • Year round comfort with true summer bypass as standard
  • Outstanding specific fan power (SFP) and heat exchange efficiencies for real rewards in SAP
  • A unique range of high performance ducting to complete the system solution
  • An exceptional in-house technical team who can assist with all aspects of your project and are experts on all regulations and standards